About SAM

"Nothing can be said about the isolation of man without other people."

SAM is inspired by Tehching Hsieh's performance Cage Piece from 1978/79, in which Hsieh locked himself in a cage in his studio for the duration of one year. He was not allowed to talk, to read, to write, or to listen to radio or watch TV. A lawyer watched over the process and made sure Hsieh never left the cage. A friend came daily to bring food and take a single photograph of the performer, visitors were allowed to come to the studio for one afternoon every three weeks.
SAM uses the basic situation of Hsieh's Cage piece as a starting point for a performance; looking at the role and the work of the actor, it questions the relationship between performer, the audience and the audience's expectations.
Katharina Schmitt will develop a performance installation (designed by Marsha Ginsberg) based on SAM. The text will be used as a blueprint, exploring the boundaries between more classical spoken performance and the factual physicality of the performer on stage. She intends to explore different ways of investigating the text spatially, as well as taking a close look at the question of the gaze (the gaze of the audience, the gaze of the actor, the internalized idea of gaze, of being looked at) as a starting point of performance.

Watermill Center