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INES, a new opera by composer Ondřej Adámek, libretto written and directed by Katharina Schmitt will premiere at Oper Köln in June 2024. An adaptation of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth set after a nucelar catastrophe, INES explores relationships between voice and trauma in a composition for solo voices, choir and orchestra

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HAUCH, a sonic horror show created by composer Juliana Hodkinson, set designer and visual artist Marsha Ginsberg, and writer and director Katharina Schmitt will be shown as a video installation at the Los Angeles USC Fisher Museum of Art in the framework of Scene Shift, an exhibition on contemporary scenic design opening February 2, 2024

Caption (c) Marsha Ginsberg

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BORN is an old German word meaning fountain, well or source. Quelle (source) is also the name of Germany’s most successful post-war mail-order business. The company partially owed its wealth to the Aryanisation of Jewish companies during and after World War II, its business logistics were based on the principles of the war economy. From 1972 to 2006, Quelle used the Congress Hall on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds as their warehouse.

BORN is an installation, directed by Katharina Schmitt, in the spaces of the the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, that connects a collage of texts from the first Quelle catalogue of the post-war period with a composition for spoken word and a classical singer by Christoph Wirth, a series of documentary interviews and new texts by Max Czollek. BORN was developped as a comission for Schauspiel Nürnberg's Import/Export Festival and will premiere on June 14th, 2024  

Oblique Sensations are showing their VR-version of Katharina Schmitt's play THE ONE LEGGED RUNNER titled AUTO_NOMOS: DER EINBEINIGE LÄUFER in the framework of RAUSCH 3 at Theater an der Ruhr Mülheim, starting MAR 3rd, 2024

Film shoot with kungfu practitioners for a first installment of ARCHE, a new opera project in development by Eugene Birman and Katharina Schmitt, with media dramaturgy by Oblique Sensations and comissioned by Jeffrey Shaw at the Academy of Visual Arts at Hongkong Baptist University just concluded after three weeks on location and in a Hongkong blue screen studio. ARCHE deals with the body as a living archive, with presence and movement and will premiere its first, interactive, module in 2024

Short feature by Události v kultuře/Ceská Televize on THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD

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THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD will see its German premiere in November 2023 at Theater Bremen in the framework of Festival Globale

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THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, a new show by Katharina Schmitt based on Heinrich von Kleist's essay ON THE MARIONETTE THEATRE, is scheduled to premiere in November 2022 at Studio Hrdinů in Prague

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Caption © Peter Fabo

Oblique Sensations have been working on a VR-Version of Katharina Schmitt's play THE ONE LEGGED RUNNER. The project started out as a research endeavor at Akademie für Theater und Digitalität in Spring 2021. Together with Katharina, they will continue developping the piece throughout 2022, funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste 
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The radio version of Katharina Schmitt's and Michal Rataj's A STUDY OF APHASIA was nominated for the 9th edition of the International Radio Drama Competition Grand Prix Nova, as well as for PRIX EUROPA 2021, and the UK International Audio Drama Competiton. The piece won the 2nd prize at Prix Bohemania. A STUDY OF APHASIA is a binaural radio play about a singer, who loses her voice, inspired by a scene from Ingmar Bergman's film Persona, the opera Elektra by Richard Strauss and the work of voice therapy specialist Emil Fröschels.This introductory video explains the influences behind the piece, which is available online here 

Caption © Lena Luga                                                                                             




HAUCH. Skin without body. Body without voice. Voice without breath. Breath without skin. HAUCH is a walk with clowns who appear as projection surfaces for social anxiety and fear. Composer Juliana Hodkinson, artist Marsha Ginsberg and director Katharina Schmitt follow the clown archetype from an amusing to a frightful figure via an exploration of contemporary post-dystopian and imaginary spaces. Questioning the voice as a fleeing anchor point of identity, HAUCH tickles contemporary social phobias, deserted urban environments and masked identities, confronting the voices of Neue Vocalsolisten with the bodies of dynamic performers remotely from the Hudson River Valley and live in the urban forest of the Tiergarten and rooftop terrace of HKW/Haus der Kulturen der Welt. HAUCH premieres in the framework of the festival The Disappearance of Music. The event on site was cancelled due to COVID-19, a film version of HAUCH launches on DEC 7th, 2020 on the website of Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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A STUDY OF APHASIA, a new project by Katharina Schmitt and composer Michal Rataj, is scheduled to premiere as a piece of music theatre at festival NODO in August 2020 and in September 2020 as a radio play on ČRo Vltava, followed by a broadcast on Czech Television in June 2021

Caption © Lena Luga

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The binaural radio play THE ADELAIDE CARPENTER MEMORY WING - written and directed by Katharina Schmitt with music by Michal Rataj - will be presented in the framework of the Prague Festival of German Theatre in December 2019 at the Center for Contemporary Art DOX in Prague

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EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN, composed by Ondřej Adámek, written and directed by Katharina Schmitt, is now online as a radio broadcast by France Musique, who recorded the Strasbourg premiere of the piece

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After a succesful premiere at the Munich Biennale in June 2018 EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN, composed by Ondřej Adámek, written and directed by Katharina Schmitt, will be opening season 2019/20 at Gare du Nord, Basel and touring to Festival Musica, Strasbourg in October 2019

Caption © Ute Schendel

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The Czech version of the radio play MOLYNEUX's PROBLEM, written and directed by Katharina Schmitt, is nominated for the radio drama award at Grand Prix Nova 2019/Bucharest

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Von der Idee zum Stück. Neue Formen der Musiktheaterproduktion. SRF Feauture on the Munich Biennale and the work on EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN by Ondřej Adámek and Katharina Schmitt            

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MOLYNEUX's PROBLEM, written and directed by Katharina Schmitt
Performative installation for EIGEN+ART Lab with Jaschka Lämmert & Volker König and music by Michal Rataj. November 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2018 at EIGEN+ART Lab

Staging with Pavlina Štorková & Jakub Gottwald at Studio Hrdinů, premiere on December 11th 2018, further shows throughout season 2018/19 at Studio Hrdinů

Radio play on December 11th, 2018 on ČRo Vltava and on January 11th, 2019 on Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Caption © Peter Fabo

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Interview with Katharina Schmitt about MOLYNEUX's PROBLEM on ČRo Vltava

Caption © Peter Fabo

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The Prague National Theatre has announced more dates for NO MAN, composed by Jiří Kadeřábek, libretto written/ directed by Katharina Schmitt, for season 2018/19: January 6th& 7th and March 18th& 19th, 2019

Caption © Markéta Magidová

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EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN, composed by Ondřej Adámek, libretto written/ directed by Katharina Schmitt, will premiere in June 2018 at the Marstall of the Residenztheater in Munich in the framework of the Munich Biennale

Caption © Armin Smailovic

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A ČT 24 TV feature about the staging of Franz Kafka's A REPORT TO AN ACADEMY at Studio Hrdinů, adapted and directed by Katharina Schmitt and scheduled to premiere in February 2018 in Prague

Caption © Peter Fabo


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NO MAN, composed by Jiří Kadeřábek, libretto written/ directed by Katharina Schmitt, will premiere at the Opera of the Prague National Theatre in March 2017 with shows planned throughout season 2017/18 and a tour to Theater Bremen in Autumn 2017

Caption © Patrick Borecký

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In Autumn 2016, Katharina Schmitt has been awarded a residency at the Museumsquartier in Vienna to work on the text and concept of her project Molyneux's Problem

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György Ligeti's operas AVENTURES & NOUVELLES AVENTURES, conducted by Petr Kotík and directed by Katharina Schmitt, premiere in June 2016 at NODO Festival

Caption © Pavel Svoboda

Katharina Schmitt's staging of NOT I by Samuel Beckett premieres in March 2014 at the Fairtrade Palace in Prague in coproduction with Studio Hrdinů 

Video © Pavel Havrda

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Together with set designer Marsha Ginsberg, Katharina Schmitt has been awarded a residency at the Watermill Center in Autumn 2012 to work on a performance of her play SAM, which was inspired by Tehching Hsieh's Cage Piece

Caption © Marsha Ginsberg